Just works. Like magic.

Wireless - No cables, no fasteners, no worries.

Magnetic - Snaps to your phone effortlessly.

Auto On/Off - Starts charging when attached, automatically turns off when detached.

Works with any device.
Works with any case.

Bunk even works with devices without wireless charging with our 1/16” ultra-thin power sleeve.

one cable two devices depiction

Seamless pass-through

One USB-C cable to charge both your phone and Bunk at once. Seamless.

Designed for ease,
inside and out.

feature animation
  • bunk+ triple coil

    Triple Coil System

    Bunk auto-selects the optimal QI transmitter to maximise power efficiency with every phone.

  • bunk+ triple coil

    Slimline Design

    A carefully contoured rear and 12mm max thickness make Bunk comfortable to hold.

  • bunk+ triple coil


    We designed with simplicity in mind. Bunk automatically powers up when attached to your phone.

  • bunk+ triple coil

    Magnetic attachment

    Custom N52 magnets provide ove 80N of force to keep Bunk attached, even in pocket or bag.

  • bunk+ triple coil

    1800 mAHh Capacity

    A high capacity Li-Ion cell boosts your smartphone battery by up to 70%. on iPhone 8

  • bunk+ triple coil

    LED Indicator

    A tri-color LED displays the remaining battery capacity. Green, Amber, Red. It's like traffic light.

  • bunk+ triple coil

    USB-C Input

    You can charge Bunk with the most standardised connection on the planet - easy.

  • bunk+ triple coil

    High Efficiency

    Bunk's component were carefully selected by our engineers, allowing power transfer of up to 70%.

“Behance - Top Featured Product Design Award” Behance

“An ideal compromise between quick access and a reliable power source while traveling.” Gregory Han - Design Milk

“[an] amazingly innovative idea“ Thiago Santarém - Mindsparkle Mag

“Bunk is unlike anything we have used before“ James Hoare - Yanko Design